Xi’an Vital Titanium Technology Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Vital Titanium Technology Co., Ltd.
About Us

Founded in Aug, 2010, Vital-Ti specialises in supply Titanium Fasteners, Bolts, Nuts, customized parts as per drawings and Tubes which are used in a diverse range: Aerospace Field; Medical Field; Industry Circle and Civil Industries, such as Vechile (Bicycle/Motorcycle/Automobile/Wheelchair/Sleigh).

We are a growing company with good quality and great price to survive and develop, our components are on par with brands which costing 2-3 times as much, quality is the same!

Here we thanks to our loyal friends also customers in US, Cananda, UK, Germany, Italy, Norway, Poland, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Israel, Iran, Turkey to support us, always.

Contact us today for more details, 
FREE SAMPLES could be shipped as long as you need to test our quality firstly!

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